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The Powers That Be
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A Change of Climate

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Peter de Chamier has a doc­to­rate in hi­story and works for an inte­rnatio­nal non-govern­men­tal or­ganiz­ation.

The author has written and edited a number of non-fiction books that were translated into seven languages. He has contributed numerous news­paper arti­cles for the cul­ture and arts sec­tions of se­ve­ral lead­ing news­papers, and has a re­gu­lar column in a scien­ti­fic news ma­ga­zine.

de Chamier's novels are written in the form of the poli­tical thril­ler, moral­ly neutral — still moral, vi­gi­lant, full of sus­pense, ton­gue in cheek, and on solid fact­ual and histo­rical found­ations. They are written in English.

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The Powers That Be Berlin Export A Change of Climate

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Detective Essay

Ein 140-seitiger Essay über den De­tek­tiv­roman und sei­ne Ab­gren­zung von an­de­ren Li­te­ra­tur­gat­tungen. Der Text wurde von Peter de Chamier »zum Eigen­ge­brauch« geschrieben, er macht ihn aber jetzt mit einigen kur­zen Kom­men­taren zu sei­nen Büchern all­gemein zu­gäng­lich.

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