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Berlin Export

Paperback: 364 pages, 24 color illu­stra­tions. 2018.

Berlin Export

Difficile est saturam non scribere.
It is difficult not to write satire.
Juvenal. Saturae I, 30

You may not be able to change the world, but at least you can embarrass the guilty.
Jessica Mitford.

Two German tourists die in traffic accidents in Egypt. Their bodies are used to transport a huge amount of dollar bills into Germany. Why are the responsible German authorities not interested in this case?

In the guise of a Canadian journalist Jack Boulder is sent to Egypt by a minor German secret service to inquire about the background, traveling with a German government minister's delegation. Unintentionally, an airline physician gives Boulder a lead that finally takes him to Spain.

Apparently, money trafficking is but a sideline in the context of events. They have their root in recent German history, former East-West business relations kept alive, and are far more complicated and convoluted than everybody thought — and they happen on the level of the new fast and loose German elite.

The novel is set in 2004 in Berlin, Cairo, the Libyan desert — Basel, Potsdam — re­mi­ni­scen­ces of Budapest in the 1950s and East Berlin in the 1970s — Madrid, An­da­lu­sia, and Tuscany ... as the world turns.

A new book featuring Jack Boulder, his friend Laszlo Nagy, and Dr. Schall – and Jack Boulder's friend Annabel Conti, who still works for a Swiss bank.

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Berlin Export. 336 pages, 26 illu­stra­tions. 2018. ISBN 978-3-7528-2544-2. Color illu­stra­tions as visu­al cues at the beginn­ing of each chapter. In English only. Manufactured and distributed by BoD, Norderstedt, Germany. Note: An earlier edition of this book was sold as Foreign Exchange.

Prices (approx.): Paperback €19.80.

The book is ob­tain­able on or­der through these book­shops in Berlin (to be picked up or for home deli­very world­wide).

The book is also available from your local book­shop and a large num­ber of on­line stores.

The Author



Peter de Chamier has a doc­­to­r­ate in hi­st­ory and works for an inter­­nat­io­nal scien­tific and hum­ani­ta­rian founda­tion.

The author has written and edited a number of non-fiction books that were trans­lated into seven lan­gua­ges. He has con­tribut­ed numerous news­­paper arti­c­les to the cul­­ture and arts sec­­tions of se­ve­­ral lead­­ing news­p­apers, and has a re­gu­lar column in a scien­­ti­fic news ma­ga­­zine.

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