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Occident Express
An «Entertainment»
First Edition 2022 • English and German

I hate things all fiction … there should always be some foundation of fact for the most airy fabric —
and pure invention is but the talent of a liar.
Lord Byron in a letter to his publisher John Murray — London 1817.

Προαιρεῖσθαί τε δεῖ ἀδύνατα εἰκότα μᾶλλον ἢ δυνατὰ ἀπίθανα.
Probable im­possi­bi­li­ties are pre­fer­able to im­prob­able possi­bilities.
Aristotele. Poetics. 1460A; c. 335 BC.

The third volume in the series … the year is 2006. Russia and its billionaires promise riches and an au­spi­cious future, for many the country has become the land of the rising sun, not least for German media czars and politicians.

You live and learn, Jack Boulder realizes, but to which purpose? What doesn't kill us makes us stron­gerThe lie is a condition of life (both quo­ta­tions by Friedrich Nietzsche; and Boulder will find answers to both).

From Basel to the Mediterranean, from Berlin to Istan­bul — and beyond.

"One never really knows where a story has its be­gin­ning or when it's over and done with. This one was simple. It started on a Saturday."

It tries to answer questions such as: Why is a Russian oligarch interested in re-inventing the Berlin-Baghdad railroad of the late 19th cen­tury? Why is a leading German me­dia entre­preneur and former East-German journalist deeply interested in the same topic? Is it dangerous to go long-distance biking in Tur­key? Question after question.

It begins with an accident in Greece, follows man-hunts along dusty railroad tracks in the Middle East, and finally ends with a furniture truck in Swi­tzer­land.


Look at the book   Have a look …

Occident Express. Illu­stra­ted hard­cover. 264 pages, 29 co­lor il­lus­tra­tions.
Spe­cial hard­cover edi­tion — upon re­quest only. A TwinTree™ Pub­li­ca­tion.
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spaceholder new red   Readers' Opinions

spaceholder new blue   The author really liked and appreciated this comment:
"I can't help it, I love your book! I am only on Page 75 .... but I love it already. And I admire the way you describe situations, landscapes and history."
U.M., Garden City, New York.

spaceholder new blue    … and this one — short as it is:
"Great story, brilliantly written, really cool."
H.F., Germany.

spaceholder new blue    … and this one — referring to the illustrated hardcover edition:
"An elegant book, very shrewd with illustrations in color and animating citations. The first book in the series was a more international agent crime novel. This one is much more reflective, well done!"
H.G., Stockholm.

spaceholder new blue    … More so:
"Fortunately, there are prolific authors like Peter de Chamier whose book characters provide once again reading pleasure. Once again this time: The book begins with a brilliant first chapter! A perfect summary of the novel al­ready on page 128: 'A good story has never been written by life, but by an imaginative and cre­a­tive writer'. Naturally, a Swiss finds plea­sure in the countless realistic descriptions of his homeland: recycling, apples, Wett­stein­brücke in Basel, the restaurant in Zug, the fur­ni­ture shop parking lot in Aubonne, ... Kudos to the author!"
M.B., Zurich.

spaceholder new blue    … A reader at a rainy place:
"... Anyway, when it's raining outside, it's cozier to read and walk in other worlds than the one out here. It's nice how you sketch what it looks like there and the beau­ti­ful in­tro­duc­tory il­lu­stra­tions give us some ideas. You seem to have a lot of vastness around you, but also places and people to hang one's heart on. Sometimes I think you yourself are one of the players in your books*, moving through the world and ex­peri­enc­ing strange stories."
R.K., Berlin.
* As for "you yourself are one of the players" — the author insists to respond: I am not ... I am just a story teller.


The Author

Peter de Cha­mier works for an in­ter­­na­tio­­nal sci­en­ti­fic and hu­ma­ni­ta­rian foun­da­tion. He has a doc­­to­­ra­te in hi­st­ory.

The author has written and edited a number of non-fiction books that were trans­lated into seven lan­gua­ges. He has con­tri­­but­ed nu­me­­rous news­­pa­per arti­c­les to the cul­­ture and arts sec­­tions of se­­ve­­ral lead­­ing news­­pa­­pers, and has a re­­gu­­lar col­umn in a scien­­ti­­fic news ma­­ga­­zine.


→ More  about the author and some of his remarks about writing.