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The Powers That Be

Paperback: 334 pages, 26 color illu­stra­tions. 2018.


My way of joking is to tell the truth. It's the funniest joke in the world.
George Bernard Shaw. John Bull's Other Island.

In 1936 Germany and Japan sign a treaty with two oil companies: The two countries divide among each other the oil exploitation in Siberia. The diplomatic courier carrying the German version of the treaty from Tokyo to Berlin disappears while crossing the Soviet Union traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Nearly seventy years later Jack Boulder, a Canadian living in the Swiss city of Basel, is asked by the German Foreign Office to trace the original copy of the treaty.

What is so important about an agreement that is outdated? Why does a German government office offer so much money for this task if they know exactly whom to ask for its whereabouts?

Soon Boulder realizes that certain parts of the puzzle are not foreign to him. Driven by curiosity he follows the trails he discovers through Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and Russia – and others follow him. The circle closes in Siberia. Who gets the Russian oil? Who finances the pipelines? Who bags the profits?

A novel set in 2002 with a gripping story against both a colorful historical and con­tem­po­ra­ry political background. The plot is full of period detail, rapid, hu­mo­rous, and full of suspense. At the same time it traces the attempts of the central character to come to terms with the entanglement of politics, bu­reau­cra­cy, and business.

The book introduces protagonist Jack Boulder and presents his friends Laszlo Nagy, a former art forger, and Annabel Conti, who is working for a Swiss bank.

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spaceholder new blue   "A novel written in a very agreeably lettered style – not mass-market pulp fiction. Pleasant to read, as timely as today's newspaper, composed with great skill and intelligence, artful and entertaining. The story is not narrated straight­for­ward; every time you believe the plot is solved, it takes a new turn and a ra­ther unexpected twist at the end."

spaceholder new blue   "Very imaginative fiction set against an accurately researched historical back­ground, stretching from the early days of the Third Reich to the present day. Sometimes one gets the feeling it might not be fiction but reality."

spaceholder new blue   "The story is taut and the prose polished, sometimes biting and sarcastic, partly laconic, partly descriptive story-telling. The literary style is adjusted to the easy-reading form of the political thriller. The main theme is: Whom can you trust?"

The Powers That Be. 364 pages, 24 illu­stra­tions. 2018. ISBN 978-3-7528-2502-2. Color illu­stra­tions as visu­al cues at the beginn­ing of each chapter. In English only. Manufactured and distributed by BoD, Norderstedt, Germany. Note: An earlier edition of this book was sold as Unnamed Forces.

Prices (approx.): Paperback €19.80, E-book €14.99.

The book is ob­tain­able on or­der through these book­shops in Berlin (to be picked up or for home deli­very world­wide).

The book is also available from your local book­shop and a large num­ber of on­line stores.

The Author



Peter de Chamier has a doc­­to­r­ate in hi­st­ory and works for an inter­­nat­io­nal scien­tific and hum­ani­ta­rian founda­tion.

The author has written and edited a number of non-fiction books that were trans­lated into seven lan­gua­ges. He has con­tribut­ed numerous news­­paper arti­c­les to the cul­­ture and arts sec­­tions of se­ve­­ral lead­­ing news­p­apers, and has a re­gu­lar column in a scien­­ti­fic news ma­ga­­zine.

de Chamier's novels are written in the form of the poli­­tical thril­ler, moral­­ly neu­tral — still moral, vi­gi­­lant, full of sus­­pense, ton­gue in cheek, and on solid fact­­ual and hist­o­rical found­a­tions. They are written in English.